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    February 11, 2024 at 9:30 pm

    Happy Sunday gang gang!! 4 weeks of dieting finito, and it’s been another super productive week 🤠

    Scale weight

    Lowest weigh in was this morning at 158.8lbs, which puts me 15lbs down in total now since beginning this diet. It’s been so nice to just have a responsive body this time around and to be dropping so steadily. I keep thinking it’s surely gonna slow down and that my food will get dropped soon but so far so good, and calories haven’t been dropped since the start which is always nice. Cardio etc all remains the same too


    Training has been a bit up and down this week. Some sessions I’ve felt pretty strong and stable, and some have been just pants. This morning’s leg session was atrocious, I think I regressed every single exercise bar one, which drives me mad!! It makes me get in my head a bit, and it doesn’t help when I’m already just feeling like my legs are too small 😂 I didn’t sleep the best last night however and I feel like when you are in a deficit, and doing a lot of expenditure, sleep NEEDS to be on point so that recovery is the best it can be. Will 100% be prioritising early nights this week to prevent this happening, and hopefully sessions will get better!! I am 12 weeks into this training block so it may be that I need a deload, but I’d rather get away with not having to take one during a diet, mostly cos 5 days off on rest day food sounds not very fun 🤪 will do it if I have to of course, but I’m hoping my momentum will kick back up

    Weekly rundown

    The week itself has been pretty damn good if I’m honest. It was my boyfriend’s 30th birthday this week so we went out for dinner. I just kept it simple and went for a steak which was easy to track, and just made sure the rest of the day I was on plan. Ended up coming down 0.2lbs over night so didn’t ruin it, obvs! I used to freak out about stuff like this in a diet phase but I think just maturing in bodybuilding I realise it’s not a big deal at all, and there is more to life than being 100% on plan, especially when you’re not on prep. I’ll be missing his birthday and Valentine’s dinner next year since I will be on prep, so better make the most of it this year 😂

    Physique is looking fine, but I am truly in “fat flat” stage now. Muscles are flat so I look small, and not lean enough that I look defined in any way. Typical really, was so excited to diet but now I just can’t wait to get back growing as I have soooo much size to put on!! Especially in my glutes. We’re moving to 4 leg days a week once the diet wraps up so fingers crossed that helps these little stubborn buns 🍑




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