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  • Amy

    February 9, 2024 at 7:25 pm

    WEEK 5

    Weight: 64KG

    TD FOOD: 2300kcals, 210P, 320C, 20F

    RD FOOD: 1650kcals, 175P, 270C, 20F

    No change in food this week.

    CARDIO: still 30 mins a day

    Training Breakdown: legs, delts and arms, rest, legs, back, delts, rest

    Training has actually been on point this week. Really happy with how things are moving. Strength is FLYING!

    Actually enjoyed every training session this week which never happens for me.

    Mentality: Im in a good place, starting to be happy with how im looking in the off season now. Im motivated to train and tick the boxes, all meals are going in on time too.

    Starting to see the changes and growth is making me happy and i have to remind myself i still have a decent amount of time left in this off season. Feeling more confident in the plan to push for trained bikini this year and happy with the rate in which muscle tissue is increasing. Im enjoying life a little bit more with the pressure removed from myself but honestly i just wanna prep 😂 i love being on prep, for the most part i like the feeling of digging and im just not quite there yet with the off season mentality!

    Menstrual Cycle: no idea what to say tbh 😂

    Weekly debrief: its been a super exciting week! Lots of planning with Sania for LFP and keeping busy also with my own business.

    Sania came to visit me yesterday and we had a disgusting leg day together (the other antics we got up to will be revealed very soon) im sure youve seen the Ireland Launch reel by now 😂

    She also got a little insight into mum life helping me on the school run and taking the kids to soft play which if youre a parent youll know is an experience in itself hahaha! Im confident after an afternoon with my kids Sania never wants to hear her name called again!

    Next week is half term so i get my little assistant with me for work so we shall see what antics that brings.




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