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  • Sania

    February 6, 2024 at 7:41 pm

    30.01.24 Check-in

    Week of DIET: 6

    Weight: 65kg

    TD FOOD: 1800kcals/ 225g carb / 40g Fat / 155g Pro

    RD FOOD: 1500kcals / 165g carb / 40g Fat / 150g Pro


    TD FOOD: 1650kcals/ 189g carb / 35-40g Fat / 155g Pro

    CARDIO: 35 mins daily / 12,000 steps daily

    Training Breakdown:

    This week again has been a superb week! Deadlifting again which is awesome and still have loads of energy even with being in quite a deficit!

    I got 115kg deadlift for 5 and I am going to keep these in for a WHILE to see how strong I can get them!

    Massive milestone for me was running 5km in like 28mins which is the FASTEST I have EVER run per KM, so really happy with that! Honestly I don’t think it’ll be long before I hit 10km runs

    Mentality: super pumped.

    It is almost the end of my diet phase which is super exciting! I achieved what I wanted to achieve.

    – Higher appetite ☑️

    – Better routine ☑️

    – More confidence ☑️

    – Structure ☑️

    – Increased fitness level ☑️

    Now, even though I say the diet is soon done I don’t want to get massively big in my off season. Yea I love bodybuilding but I also love my mental health, my general health and wellbeing and being relatively fit is super important to me! I will be taking the reversely stage practically and tbh not change much! Slightly increase food but I’ll be keeping in my steps and daily cardio! However, it’ll be less for weight loss more for general well being and also for RFL!❤️

    This diet has been different to others… most of my diets have been a prep. .. so when I do diet I struggle to think of it as anything less than a prep, super ON IT, no balance… nothing. Whereas this time I have had meals out even dessert *controlled to some extent of course* when events occurred (like this weekend in Scotland)

    I’ve macro tracked every day so my cravings or want to eat has been met each day! It’s honestly the best diet I have ever done and that’s just because I have learnt what is best for ME. Not doing static cardio for one😂

    My week has been good, nice to see a weight drop even though I did have two meals out whilst in Scotland! Really enjoying life at the moment and embracing everything that comes with it and once you do that, a diet is easy!




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