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  • emmacurrivanlfp

    February 4, 2024 at 8:47 pm

    Week of DIET: Week 3 done and dusted ✅


    This week has seen a pretty damn big drop in bodyweight!! My lowest weight of the week previous was 165.2lbs, and I’m finishing this week with a low weight of 161.4lbs, and my average weight loss across the week is 3.1lbs down. I had a feeling this would be the case with me coming off my period but it’s always nice to see your body responding. We are pushing hard enough but when you start seeing the changes comes it just gets hella motivating, and I really feel like this week I LOOK a lot leaner too. My jawline and my waistline have made a return lol, I am always here for the diet face

    TD FOOD:

    Still ~1700 cals, no changes since the beginning

    RD FOOD:

    ~1570 cals, also no changes since beginning. Appetite and hunger super manageable tbh, it’s never something that bothers much in a diet, aside from the odd random night of waking up at 3 am with my belly rumbling lol


    5 x 30 mins, a few days the bike KILLED me this week, it can be tough to push yourself on it especially when I am training legs so much, but mama didn’t raise no quitter

    Training Breakdown:

    Training has been touch and go this week. One thing I’ve noticed is I’m a lot fitter at this bodyweight, so some of my higher rep leg sets are improving and I can make it through without gassing out. My session last friday was pretty terrible and I was getting aggravated AF as I hate when training suffers in a diet, but today’s session flew. Looking back I think the reason Friday was a dud is my lower back was so sore from my posing session with @Sania_LFP on Thursday 😂 Defo a sign I need to be practising more!!!! Gotta build up that posing fitness and tolerance


    Honestly feeling great this week!! It’s feeling easy breezy for the most part aside from some cardio sessions being a drag. Focus, mood and energy are good, plus the sun is out which always helps. Tbh January was a bit of a meh month but I swear as soon as February started things picked up – anyone else get this?! Just really in my groove now with this diet and excited to see how things shape up. I’m definitely starting to see that I have actually built some muscle in the last year with my shape returning. I still always see my weaknesses and tbh I can’t wait to get stuck into growing again and to build these damn GLUTES oh my lord, but we will get there – I hope 😂 We also made soem tweaks to my side poses which is making my glutes look much rounder and fuller, and obvs goes to show the importance of posing when it comes to displaying your physiqye

    Menstrual Cycle:

    In my follicular phase which prob explains why I’m feeling so good, and hopefully will continue to feel this way for the next 7-10 days at least 🤪

    Here’s to another week of dieting!! I’m going out next weekend for my boyfriend’s 30th and Valentine’s day dinner in one, so just going to work my days calories around that and get something simple on the menu which shouldn’t be too hard. At the end of the day it’s more important to me to go out and celebrate that than be 100% on diet, and this time next year I’ll be on prep so I wont be enjoying any V day choccies then 😂😂




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