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  • Sania

    January 30, 2024 at 7:34 pm

    30.01.24 Check-in

    Week of DIET: 4/5

    Weight: 65.4

    TD FOOD: 1800kcals/ 225g carb / 40g Fat / 155g Pro

    RD FOOD: 1500kcals / 165g carb / 40g Fat / 150g Pro

    CARDIO: 35 mins daily / 12,000 steps daily

    Training Breakdown:

    This week has honestly been really good! I finally feel as though my body is understanding the assignment of being more active! Obviously running is quite an impactful sport and with it comes a lot of fatigue. Fatigue I most definitely felt with weight lifting too… but this week has been far better!

    I ran my first 6km in 38 minutes and this was totally liberating! I didn’t believe I’d be able to do it, but it just goes to show if you put your mind into something you can achieve ANYTHING! 💗

    Weight training has also been goal well, lifts have been improving, strength is still there and just honestly having the TIME OF MY LIFE when it comes to training. I lost this post show, I really did loose myself and my love for it BUT I BACK BABY.

    Mentality: It was a really good week. Weight is still slowly shifting but visually I am feeling more confident than ever. My clothes are fitting nicer I’m starting to notice a bit more condition and with that I am a happy Sania. ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT.

    Another thing I may add is I have had the occasional off plan meal due to events, friends and family and this is something I wanted to keep in this diet phase, I don’t want it to similar to a prep, I wanted to get fitter, loose weight but ALSO have a bit of a balance. With smarter choices and understanding of what to eat or where to go for food, you can still be super social in a diet phase! Not in a prep tho guys… so yeah! Managing that has been super fun as I don’t feel like I’m dieting AT all really.

    Menstrual Cycle: I started my period last week and this is why my check-in is slightly late. I wanted to show you guys a non bloated self and plus those CRAMPS were real. I put something on my story the other day and it was how my PMS symptoms and time of the month symptoms had changed after 2 years having the coil… it seemed to be quite normal and a lot of people experienced the same thing. Eager to know if any of you guys have the copper coil too?




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