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    January 28, 2024 at 8:31 pm

    2 weeks of dieting done!! And sitting at a new low this week of 165.2lbs

    Everything remains the same – food is still at 150P/175C/40F on TD, 150P/125C/50F on a NTD, 5 x 30 min cardio sessions and 12K+ steps 🙂

    Weekly summary

    This week was actually a fairly interesting week for me! I had a fair few days of the scale maintaining around the 166.4-166.6 mark which I’ll be honest, was doing my nut in 😂 I’m a very experienced dieter and I know sometimes the scales doesn’t do what we expect, but I do still get a bit irritated when I’m ticking all my boxes and not seeing the drops. However, I also know my body and I know sometimes it will hold for a few days before whooshing down. So I just kept sticking to the plan (obvs, nothing else to do in these scenarios) and I knew that either I’d see the weight drop, OR we’d need to make a change and reduce calories/up expenditure. And obviously I was hoping the drop would come first lol.

    Then lo and behold, on Thursday – my period arrives!!! I haven’t spoken about this much online as it’s something I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of, but I haven’t actually had a cycle in a long time. No matter how long I’d spend in a surplus with bodyweight up, my hormones didn’t seem to respond. I’ve actually been going to a hormone clinic the last month to figure it out, and honestly thought it might be the case that I’d need full HRT. And it’s almost as if as soon as I accepted this and stopped stressing over if I’d get my period back, it came back 😂 so I’m praying it stays, and this might change how we approach things over the next few months as I want that in check before I prep.

    Anyway, after that my weight did drop down to 165.lbs, and that puts me 2.8lbs down on average from the previous week 🙂 Symptoms have been very manageable, appetite has actually been in the floor, some cramps which affected training a bit but nothing too bad – whoo! The main thing I noticed is I was being MEGA self-critical all week, but that’s nothing too out of the ordinary for me so I don’t know if that’s hormonal or just me in general hahah

    Training breakdown

    Some training sessions were TOUGH this week, which makes sense now that I an on my cycle. Strength actually didn’t really suffer and I progressed a lot of lifts but it was very mentally challenging to get through them. Spent todays session feeling like i was on the verge of tears for no reason 😂 I’m also on week 9 of this training block so I’m bound to be feeling fatigued. Hopefully as I come out of my period and into the follicular phase, I’ll see strength and motivation to train improve


    Generally feeling ok about how I look. I know walking around day to day I look fine for a “normal” person BUT I am so aware of how much I need to grow my glutes and legs still, so that’s all I ever think about tbh. But thinking about it won’t grow them, working will! So I’m excited to get this diet done and get back to growing. For now, Im happy to have a jawline and waistline returning cos I missed them lol




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