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  • emmacurrivanlfp

    January 21, 2024 at 7:13 pm

    Mini cut week 1 doneeeee ✅

    And we are sitting at 7.2lbs down this morning!! A good chunk of that was just initial water weight coming off, but I am for sure already feeling leaner which is very nice and shape is starting to come through a bit more whoo whoo

    Weight: 166.4lbs this am

    TD FOOD: 150P/175C/35F

    RD FOOD: 150P/125C/45F

    CARDIO: still 5 x 30 mins fasted

    Training Breakdown:

    Training has been pretty good this week!! Now that I’ve had one full week of training back in my home gym it’s nice to be able to go in with numbers to beat. I had to take an unplanned rest day on Friday as I only slept for 3 hours on Thursday night after having some crazy jaw/TMJ pain!! But aside from that I actually feel really good in sessions with a little less food, and some exercises are more comfortable now with less bloat lol, like leg presses and RDLs.

    Weekly debrief:

    Like I mentioned above I was having some crazy jaw pain curing the week which really affected my sleep, and I was also taking painkillers to help (they didn’t 🥲). Because of this my weight was being a bit stubborn throughout the week and sitting around 169-170 but I knew exactly why this was happening and didn’t freak out, just stuck to the plan and had a big whoosh over night. I could see myself getting leaner so there was no doubt in my mind it was happening, and I’ve done so many diets now that I can usually rationalize if the scale isn’t doing what I expect – at least this early in a diet. Different story when you have prep goggles!!

    Now that I’m sleeping properly again I feel miles better and I’m in a good groove. I feel so much more confident in the gym already and even have been training with just a sports bra on, which I haven’t done in ages 😂 my waist tends to come in quick, but it also gains quick – can’t have it all?!

    Just really excited to keep chipping away now and to see what muscle is hiding under the Chonk!!

    Also had a few tweaks to my poses from the boss lady and I already feel better in them, and I can’t wait for my lesson with the boss lady @Sania_LFP at the end of the month to start working on the details and flow 🤍




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