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  • Sania

    January 8, 2024 at 1:23 pm

    08.01.24 Check-in

    Week of DIET: 2

    Weight: 66.8Kg (1kg down)

    TD FOOD: 2200kcals / 275g Carb / 50g Fat / 165g Pro

    RD FOOD: 1900kcal / 190g Carb / 55g Fat / 160g Pro (roughly as I have 100 Free kcal)

    CARDIO: 25 mins daily / 10,000 steps daily

    Training Breakdown:

    This week has been really good! A few changes in regards to my split but that’s only because I have a Friday training partner now hehe… maybe you know her maybe you don’t!

    I generally struggle to find motivation in one of my sessions and take a guess… it’s my glutes and hammies😂 does anyone actually like Bulgarian split squats and hip thrusts 😂

    This is probably why my glutes are so shit.

    But, Kez also struggles with that session! We trained together the other day and really enjoyed it, so we decided to make it a more frequent thing! So every Friday we will be smashing that session which I’m super excited with!

    I haven’t had a training partner for a long time and I’m not ready nor can I commit to a full time partner yet, however, it is definitely nice to have someone by your side even once per week.

    I’m not sure if you guys had the same but on Tuesday the rain/storm was SO BAD where we were so we weren’t able to make the oly lifting class so no updates on that BUT I got 54kg on a clean and jerk yesterday! PB BBAY!!!

    Mentality: I HAVE MISSED DIETING! Although the early mornings will need getting used to. Waking up with enough time to get my cardio done and 3.5k steps!

    Menstrual Cycle: I shouldn’t start my period for another 2ish weeks, I can feel myself getting more tired and emotional 😂… I have quite pms symptoms , sometimes worse than the period it’s self but I’m very lucky Reece understands that now. I also attempt to manage my feelings as much as I can, cause my god I can get touchy🥹🫠

    Weekly debrief: Not going to lie… I thought I would have lost more than a KG this week… but still happy with the result. I really don’t wanna be in this diet phase for too long so I have added an extra 5mins to the daily cardio and reduced my kcals by a couple hundred. Just to sit in a real nice deficit and make this a quick in and out job!

    Of course no visual changes yet (I wish) onto the next week !

    Reece and I are doing a very last minute get away to Leeds to try out UF leeds and also Muscle bound. We love to trial out new gyms and reece doesn’t mind driving so it works well! I suppose this is were we are quite lucky we can generally work anywhere!

    We booked an air bnb yesterday evening and I’m currently in the car driving to Leeds now!😂 We will be getting some food and I have planned it so I will still be eating within my plan!

    I’ll also get some videos of the gyms for you guys!?

    Anyone actually train in either one of these gyms?💗




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